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We all know that routine Dental cleanings and checkups are important to our oral health. But a new study shows that regular checkups may also help diagnose and treat Pancreatic Cancer, a disease that currently has no routine screening test and often shows no symptoms.

This study, led by NYU Langone Medical Center, suggests that certain micro-bacterial changes in the mouth could show us who is most at risk of developing pancreatic cancer. The two bacterium that researchers identified in the study are both associated with gum disease or periodontitis.  The presence of the bacterium were linked to a 50% and 59% overall higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Research indicated that the bacterium were not caused by current cancer growth, but preceded the growth.

To put the importance of this news in perspective, in 2014, about 46,000 people were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and nearly 40,000 of them died. This terrible survival rate is due in great part to late detection of the disease.  But by identifying the oral bacteria in question, we may be able to increase early detection, treatment and cancer survival.

As you plan for the Fall, be sure to schedule your checkup at East Beach Dental. And if we diagnose you with periodontitis, be on alert! We’ll need to follow up with your physician and schedule the appropriate testing for the presence of these bacterium.  We can help faciitate the process and make it easy, so be sure to schedule your appointment today!